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2009-06-27 01:01 pm

Birthday Wishlist~

Don't know why I'm bothering with this. XD Won't get 99% of it.

2. Tablet pen. (Wacom Graphire4 Blue)
3. Converse X-Hi / Converse Skate shoes / any high top shoes.
4. Hins Cheung CD / Nightwish CD which isn't DPP.
5. Belt which is less than 3.5cm wide.
6. Actual copy of WC3 + TFT. (cos mine is hacked.)
7. A nice layout for LJ, DW and Psice. :3
8. More free games for Mac.
9. Paid account lol.
10. Candy thermometer.
11. Pizza stone.

Yes, it is okay to end a list at 9 11 things. XD
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2009-06-21 11:17 am
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Study + blocks = memory loss.

1. What block exams do to you:

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2009-06-18 03:26 pm


XD Just wanted to test the layout.
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2009-06-17 04:08 pm


1. Studied too much. >__> My brain has turned to mush.
2. I did horrible in Physics.
3. TY Kyo for the DW account. :D Me likey. (Especially crossposting! >w<)
4. Time to hardcore FB games!